Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing Ghana! I just returned 22 days ago.

I am missing Ghana already! I have been back for almost three weeks now but I miss the people, family, friends neighbors and the environment. Africa has a 'spirit of connectedness' and it's beautiful to watch it upclose and in action.

We are very embracing and welcome everyone in Ghana. When I was there last month, there were those who were happy to see me because I was returning from America and they expected gifts and money from me. And there were some who welcomed me with open arms; whether I gave them something or not! There were even some who gave me, without me asking. My reason for going home was rather a sad one; my Mother had passed away and as her only daughter, I had to be there for her burial and funeral.

It was very heavy for me to process the loss, I cried and cried some more. It was also a time that I danced in the public for the first time in years. As part of our Ashanti custom, they played some music for me to dance and friends, family and even strangers helped me with the dances. I danced gospel, reggae and our own Kete! It was also raining and I was sweating so it did not make any difference! It was very refreshing and purifying experience for me. I also laughed the hardest in years because I knew what I had been through and nothing could compare my testimonies in America. From the miscarriages, love, betrayal, losses, relocations, and encountering bitterness and hatred from those I thought loved me. It's confusing at times but with God, prayers and my prayer warriors; we triumphed over them all and that was part of the hardest and belly laugh!

There are no regrets but lessons learned. Would I go through the same experiences again? Not really! I would compare what people say to what they are doing and come to my own judgement. What some say and do are two different things so lookout for self and do you first. I was able to reflect and laugh at my own mistakes sometimes while I was in Ghana. My Grand Father, Nana Osei Kwadwo, from the Ashanti Royal Family, had 89 children and some came to my Mother's funeral to mourn with us. So everywhere I turned, I saw love and people who looked just like me:-))) Whether they judged me or not did not matter because I felt loved and at home. Judith F. Osei Tutu,,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

africanclothesfabrics22: Africa the Beautiful 2 Radio Talk Show today!

africanclothesfabrics22: Africa the Beautiful 2 Radio Talk Show today!: "It's always a pleasure to share and be a resource in the community. I started Africa the Beautiful 2 Radio Talk Show and TV Show to answer q..."

Africa the Beautiful 2 Radio Talk Show today!

It's always a pleasure to share and be a resource in the community. I started Africa teh Beautiful 2 Radio Talk Show and TV Show to answer questions about Africa. Whether it's tourism, beauty, hairstyles and the best way to take care of them, how to start your own successful business, education, culture, nature and many others to help.

To visit Africa for the first time is sometimes scary for some people, if they are going alone. But there are scheduled different church groups going to Africa maybe once or twice a year. There are also travel agents locally here in Charlotte, NC who can help you plan a successful trip to Africa.

There are somethings you can share with people, butthey get a true sense and capture the spirit of Africa when they are there themselves. For instance, I was in Ghana, West Africa last week and we were visiting a relative. Some of the stores and koisks were pictures of Ice Cube, Will Smith, Jay Z, Beyonce, Little Wayne, PDiddy, Russell Simmons, Chuck D, Dre and many other African American Celebrities, artists, athletes, etc.

Some of the people in Ghana are fascinated by the African American Celebrities and other celebrities from other races. It's beautiful to hear them talk about Martin Lawrence and his comedy. It's very liberating for them although some are suffering back there but identify with these celebrities because they see them as brothers and sisters, motivation and an extension of themselves to reach higher!

If only African politics can be transparent enough and make things accessible for people all over the world to visit, I think it will be number one tourist destination. There is beauty and authenticity in Africa! The people are kind generous with whatever they have. Along with humility, they care about everybody, maybe that's why there almost no homelessness. I hope everyone will have the opportunity to visit Africa at least once in a lifetime. The nature, beauty, serenity, culture and the people are excellent and very rare! Call in to my Radio Show at 1pm at 714-816-4631 or email me at "," or go to with your suggestions and what you want to hear. We are here to hear and serve your needs.
Judith F. Osei Tutu,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

africanclothesfabrics22: Africa the Beautiful 2! TV, Radio and blog Launch ...

africanclothesfabrics22: Africa the Beautiful 2! TV, Radio and blog Launch ...: "We launched Africa the Beautiful 2 today! We are on TV live and Radio, chatroom, etc. What stories are we going to cover and who will benefi..."

Africa the Beautiful 2! TV, Radio and blog Launch today!

We launched Africa the Beautiful 2 toady! We are on TV live and Radio, chatroom, etc. What stories are we going to cover and who will benefit from these shows? I know there are a lot of people who would like to visit Africa but do not know where to begin and where to go. We will have guest on the shows who book travels with or without accommodations, with Tour guides, transportation, food and all. This way, you can relax when you are in Africa, enjoy the culture, scenery and the people.

Whether the Safari, meeting the locals at pubs, restaurants, markets and sellers. Whatever you want to do there, the tour guides will help you so you can experience Africa as an authentic place; not what is portrayed on TV here daily. There is beauty, wisdom, kindness and prosperity in Africa and our shows will bring them all to you!

Please check Africathebeautiful2 at your local listings and on the internet. Thanks, Peace and Blessings! Judith F. Osei Tutu,

Monday, March 7, 2011

A trip to Ghana in 30years, traditions never changed though!

I made a trip to Ghana in 30years, I was there for 10days for my Mother's funeral and Memorial Service. What made me to stay away for so long is something personal. Through education and communicating with family and friends back home in Ghana, I thought my presence was not needed but that is not the case. The projects there were not bad but could have been completed sooner with my presence.

The family selected me to inherit my Mother. As part of our Ashanti Tradition and me being the only daughter, I accepted. It's a lot of responsibility, and I will need help from family and friends with getting familiarized with our traditions one more time. One thing for sure, I would not stay away for too long again! Seeing the faces of people who are counting on me and my decisions is a strong feeling I could not just ignore anymore. For instance, I have a nephew, Hashim who is also an orphan who needs a place to stay. The family compound is not big enough to accommodate him and it breaks my heart to see him struggling for the basic neccesities. I did the best for him while I was there and would continue to make a difference in his life. I thought I was helping him but he helped me more with his love and affectionately calling me 'Mama.' I called him son too and when he smiled, it makes the world brighter and a better place, I want him to feel safe. Love is the only answer! Judith F. Osei Tutu,