Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can you believe Gop Rep. Michele Bachman is saying about Slavery, with Black History 2011 around the corner?

I was reading an article about CNN Anderson Cooper's "keeping them honest" conversation with GOP Rep. Michele Bachman. She referred to her "founding fathers" helping slaves and finally freeing them! Wait a minute Rep. Bachman, why did slavery start anyway? Who was helping who? Slaves were taking against their wishes and forced; some even died in the process of fighting "not" to come to America. The slaves had parents in Africa, some were fathers, husbands, aunts, sisters, brothers, uncles, kings, queens, princes, princesses, professionals, children, etc. What were the Africans told and promised to go into slavery? Who really benefitted from slavery? Maybe, Rep. Michele Bachman need to sit down with someone and go over the facts about slavery. Her remarks are very inaccurate and insensitive, especially with Black History Month 2011 around the corner. These ignorant comments are not only insult to us; but divides us, when we are all trying to unite and help one another. She needs to apologize, what do you think? You can also check out,
Peace, Judith

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