Monday, May 16, 2011

Fabrics! Fabrics! Fabrics on Sale!

We have new Fabrics in the store! We are clearing the old and new to make room. We have Kentes, Mud Cloths, Kuba Cloths, Laces, Java Prints, English Waxes, etc. There are Traditional African Ladies Dresses for all occasions, don't forget our unique Africa Jewelry for yourself and as a gift!

There are seamstresses locally, that we work with to get your alterations done quickly. Stop by and pick your selection in fabrics and beautiful already made clothes. If cash is tight, don't worry, ask for the 30days layaway plan on everything, even on sale items! There's always a rack with 50% off the already reduced price, come check us out.

Looking for Designers, Dancers, Drummers, Artists, Doll Makers, Seamstresses/Tailors, Quilters, Interior Designers, etc. Mention your business and get a discount!

Do not forget to listen to "Africa the Beautiful 2" Radio Show tomorrow at 2pm-2.30pm. Call 714-816-4631 and/or

Judith F. Osei Tutu

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