Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Africa the Beautiful 2 Radio Talk Show today!

It's always a pleasure to share and be a resource in the community. I started Africa teh Beautiful 2 Radio Talk Show and TV Show to answer questions about Africa. Whether it's tourism, beauty, hairstyles and the best way to take care of them, how to start your own successful business, education, culture, nature and many others to help.

To visit Africa for the first time is sometimes scary for some people, if they are going alone. But there are scheduled different church groups going to Africa maybe once or twice a year. There are also travel agents locally here in Charlotte, NC who can help you plan a successful trip to Africa.

There are somethings you can share with people, butthey get a true sense and capture the spirit of Africa when they are there themselves. For instance, I was in Ghana, West Africa last week and we were visiting a relative. Some of the stores and koisks were pictures of Ice Cube, Will Smith, Jay Z, Beyonce, Little Wayne, PDiddy, Russell Simmons, Chuck D, Dre and many other African American Celebrities, artists, athletes, etc.

Some of the people in Ghana are fascinated by the African American Celebrities and other celebrities from other races. It's beautiful to hear them talk about Martin Lawrence and his comedy. It's very liberating for them although some are suffering back there but identify with these celebrities because they see them as brothers and sisters, motivation and an extension of themselves to reach higher!

If only African politics can be transparent enough and make things accessible for people all over the world to visit, I think it will be number one tourist destination. There is beauty and authenticity in Africa! The people are kind generous with whatever they have. Along with humility, they care about everybody, maybe that's why there almost no homelessness. I hope everyone will have the opportunity to visit Africa at least once in a lifetime. The nature, beauty, serenity, culture and the people are excellent and very rare! Call in to my Radio Show at 1pm at 714-816-4631 or email me at "," or go to with your suggestions and what you want to hear. We are here to hear and serve your needs.
Judith F. Osei Tutu,

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