Monday, March 7, 2011

A trip to Ghana in 30years, traditions never changed though!

I made a trip to Ghana in 30years, I was there for 10days for my Mother's funeral and Memorial Service. What made me to stay away for so long is something personal. Through education and communicating with family and friends back home in Ghana, I thought my presence was not needed but that is not the case. The projects there were not bad but could have been completed sooner with my presence.

The family selected me to inherit my Mother. As part of our Ashanti Tradition and me being the only daughter, I accepted. It's a lot of responsibility, and I will need help from family and friends with getting familiarized with our traditions one more time. One thing for sure, I would not stay away for too long again! Seeing the faces of people who are counting on me and my decisions is a strong feeling I could not just ignore anymore. For instance, I have a nephew, Hashim who is also an orphan who needs a place to stay. The family compound is not big enough to accommodate him and it breaks my heart to see him struggling for the basic neccesities. I did the best for him while I was there and would continue to make a difference in his life. I thought I was helping him but he helped me more with his love and affectionately calling me 'Mama.' I called him son too and when he smiled, it makes the world brighter and a better place, I want him to feel safe. Love is the only answer! Judith F. Osei Tutu,

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