Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing Ghana! I just returned 22 days ago.

I am missing Ghana already! I have been back for almost three weeks now but I miss the people, family, friends neighbors and the environment. Africa has a 'spirit of connectedness' and it's beautiful to watch it upclose and in action.

We are very embracing and welcome everyone in Ghana. When I was there last month, there were those who were happy to see me because I was returning from America and they expected gifts and money from me. And there were some who welcomed me with open arms; whether I gave them something or not! There were even some who gave me, without me asking. My reason for going home was rather a sad one; my Mother had passed away and as her only daughter, I had to be there for her burial and funeral.

It was very heavy for me to process the loss, I cried and cried some more. It was also a time that I danced in the public for the first time in years. As part of our Ashanti custom, they played some music for me to dance and friends, family and even strangers helped me with the dances. I danced gospel, reggae and our own Kete! It was also raining and I was sweating so it did not make any difference! It was very refreshing and purifying experience for me. I also laughed the hardest in years because I knew what I had been through and nothing could compare my testimonies in America. From the miscarriages, love, betrayal, losses, relocations, and encountering bitterness and hatred from those I thought loved me. It's confusing at times but with God, prayers and my prayer warriors; we triumphed over them all and that was part of the hardest and belly laugh!

There are no regrets but lessons learned. Would I go through the same experiences again? Not really! I would compare what people say to what they are doing and come to my own judgement. What some say and do are two different things so lookout for self and do you first. I was able to reflect and laugh at my own mistakes sometimes while I was in Ghana. My Grand Father, Nana Osei Kwadwo, from the Ashanti Royal Family, had 89 children and some came to my Mother's funeral to mourn with us. So everywhere I turned, I saw love and people who looked just like me:-))) Whether they judged me or not did not matter because I felt loved and at home. Judith F. Osei Tutu,,

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